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So we had our eyes peeled on fashion week and we just couldn’t help but notice silver everywhere. If you didn’t see it for yourself just picture futuristic vibes, maybe the Jetson’s if you ever watched that cartoon.

fashion week silver.jpg

While Tuesday’s at the office might not be the most practical for this look, we are definitely feeling inspired by it. We decided to put together a little post to share how it can be done!

Just a few little details in the home can freshen up your space. Think clean lines, minimalist, and accent pieces that really punch. And you don’t need to limit yourself to silver, all metals are a really great bang for their buck in transforming a space.

Snapseed (1).JPG
designed by tyler w.jpg

My personal favorite space to decorate is the bathroom. It could be a great place to start diving into this trend. A tip is to play with what you already have. If you have bathroom fixtures that are brass, play on those and perhaps place an accessory, for example a brass pot with a plant in it to really give it that POP.

jeffrey wilkes.jpg

This way you won’t have to waltz the streets looking like you’re from the future. Happy decorating folks!