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I was sitting outside a Cafe the other day when a lady came up to me and asked if I could watch her dogs while she ran in for a coffee. She explained these aren’t your average dogs, but anxiety dogs- and certain breeds are built for the job.

That also got me thinking about different ways we can de-stress, and manage anxiety while trying to cook a holistic nutritious dinner, make that work deadline and spend all our precious moments putting in work on our side hustles.

We get it, life is demanding and anxiety is absolutely real and more rampant than ever before.

Obviously no small solution will rid you of burnout, but plants actually can work to help manage anxiety. Studies have shown they can improve concentration and productivity. If there is such a thing as anxiety dogs, I am going to call these anxiety plants. Here are a few and how they can help.



Makes sense right? Not only is the scent amazing, it actually works to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress levels.

English Ivy


This one is really great for air quality. This sounds gross… But it actually reduces fecal matter in the air. Also can reduce mold in your home. Sold.




Improves memory function and improves air quality. Not to mention you can also use this herb to help with those nutritious meals.




These help improve air quality, but also can fight flu and headaches. Great for your bedroom or office as they don’t need much light.


Aside from all of the legitimate science of how plants can de-stress us, taking care of a plant and the serene atmosphere it creates can also be very healing. No wonder the plant jungle addiction continues.